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Distribution Atlas of European Butterflies and Skippers

Distribution Atlas of European Butterflies and Skippers
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Distribution Atlas of European Butterflies and Skippers

Twenty years have passed since the announcement of the project Mapping European Butterflies (MEB) in 1995. Seven years have passed since the first phase (MEB-1) could be completed using innovative projectspecific methods. The Distribution Atlas of European Butterflies was published in 2002. The MEB data bank contained then about 250000 data records contributed by about 250 recorders from all over Europe. It was the first computer aided distribution atlas of butterflies of any continent ever published. The late C.M. Naumann praised the Atlas as “a milestone in the history of European lepidopterology” – a commendation to be proud of. Nine years later the second phase of MEB (MEB-2) was completed and the Distribution Atlas of Butterflies in Europe based on about 650000 data records appeared in 2011. In spite of the generally positive echo and contrary to most co authors, the leading author was far from happy. Blessing in disguise: The Atlas was completely sold out in about one year. The commercial success helped to open the way to the present Distribution Atlas of European Butterflies and Skippers completing the third and possibly the last phase of Mapping European Butterflies (MEB-3). The highlights and new features:

  1. About 650 pages (100 more than in 2011).
  2. About 450 new distribution maps based on a revised and updated data bank.
  3. Updated and rewritten species accounts.
  4. New detailed distribution tables for Macaronesian Islands.
  5. New annotated synonymic checklists (about 1000 names).
  6. Enlarged and rewritten glossary (about 300 terms).
  7. Enlarged and rewritten chapters on taxonomy and zoogeography.
  8. Historical account of 20 years MEB.
  9. Rewritten and updated results analysis.
  10. New feature: Illustrations of many species including some male genitalia.


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